A new chapter begins

Well…we sold the Annapolis, MD property in Nov, and we sold the DC property in late Dec 2011. The majority of our worldly possessions are now in storage, and in mid-Feb we will begin a land tour of family and friends until mid-May, when we will re-launch our sailing vessel, Harmony, into the Chesapeake Bay at Rock Hall, MD. We will sail through the Delaware Bay and into the Atlantic ocean where we will head North along the East coast of the USA, and in the Fall we will sail South to Lake Worth, Florida, and if all goes well, we will be in the Bahamas sometime in January 2013. We expect Harmony to be our home for the next couple of years as we begin this new chapter in our lives. Wish us safe journeys with a fair wind and a starry sky. I hope to begin posting regularly once we board our vessel in the Spring, so please check back for updates.

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Tentative Progress

One boat, 2 slips…Fingers crossed that our condo in Annapolis will go to settlement on Wed., Aug. 11, 2011. Meantime in anticipation of this, we are leasing Slip A80, and the slip is 42′ long and 14′ wide…a much better fit for our boat, and the water is 10 feet deep. Crossing our fingers…O

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New boat systems tested

Managed to get 2 days aboard During July. Tested all the new systems…LOVE the Raymarine x5 Pilot auto helm!!! Frustrated with the Raymarine e90w and the radar…way too much to learn. Turned off the AIS alarms…very annoying. Need to figure out how to adjust the radar gain…waaaayyy to much clutter…we were just 200 feet or so off an anchored tanker in the Bay, and purposely sailed completely around her while trying to find her on the radar. We never saw anything distinctive and kept adjusting radar settings but there was Way too much clutter! so,so much to learn…

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Trying to go sailing

Much too busy even for sailing…but we hope to be sailing tomorrow and Friday. We need to test the new anchor windlass–last year was a disaster trying to pull up the anchor in an exposed day anchorage off the Academy wall when the wind shifted and piped up–it was bouncy in that harbor. I had my niece, Tracy, and her 4 year old son aboard. Needless to say, I made it a priority to get a new windlass before taking the boat out this year, plus I added an anchor wash down and a new bilge pump…to say the least. More later.

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A Place for Harmony

We are so landlocked, Ahhh, the summer wind awaits…it beckons though the winter is not fully faded.

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